El Casa

The lifestyles of the rich and famous have been the envy of most commoners like us. Money and fame come hand in hand for these people, who seem to live a charmed life. There are some who seem to have trouble in spending their wealth that they opt to wile their time in lucrative businesses like real estate and for some, spend their time in casinos. And for the casino owners, they make it sure that the needs are met.

The word casino came from the Italian word "casa" which means house. It first referred to a country house or a small villa built for pleasure then to a social gathering place or a public place where entertainment and gambling are offered. The entertainment and gambling activities form the main meaning of the word casino, showing the development of the word from a public establishment to a gaming establishment, for dice and card players.

Since the first casino was established in Monte Carlo on 1861, these glamorous establishments occupy a huge block of land, filled with expensive works of art, facilities and even hotel rooms that make the casinos a one stop destination, to dine, relax and have fun. There are some casinos still that are built on ships, bordering on the seas, but still offering the same entertainment and gaming choices like those on land. Cruise ships have mini-casinos for their passengers to enjoy a friendly game of dice or slot machines.

There are some US states that have legalized the gambling scene, allowing adults age 18 -21 to enter the premises and play on slot machines, participate in games of chance like baccarat, crap and roulette or display their skills in blackjack and poker, yet, stakes are getting higher and higher for those seasoned players who have a bit of wealth to lose. There are some casinos that are known to host live entertainment like concerts and sports events like the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Since casinos are quite expensive to maintain and attain, security is tight in allowing clients to enter the premises and even with their facilities. Like the card machines, they always use a new deck of cards to prevent any attempt in cheating among customers and employees alike. Security cameras are situated throughout the area while security personnel patrolling in the premises to provide assistance when needed and reports to suspicious activities.

Though casinos are thought to be the cause of the growing rate of gamblers, they also open various opportunities for employment and promote tourism. To enjoy the facilities and entertainment the casino provides, it is best to be done in moderation.